Historically, JEM was produced by FORREX, which also produced a suite of publications designed to extend science-based information and innovations in natural resource management. Oriented towards a broad audience in the policy, management, and operational realms, JEM continues to support a strategic goal of providing quality, timely, useful, and efficient information.

JEM is freely available to the public via

Past Forrrex publications include:

  • BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management (JEM)
  • LINK Newsletter
  • Streamline Watershed Management Bulletin
  • FORREX Series
  • File Reports
  • Joint Publications

BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management (JEM)
The peer-reviewed BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management  (now JEM) informs readers about innovative approaches to sustainable ecosystem management, and provides a forum for commentary on current issues and challenges. Aimed at natural resource management decision makers in diverse sectors, JEM extends research results, indigenous knowledge, management applications, socio-economic analyses, and scholarly opinions.