• 2011 Professional Recognition Award

    Congratulations to Todd Redding and Robin Pike for achieving the 2011 Professional Recognition Award for their dedicated work in compiling the Compendium of Forest Hydrology and Geomorphology in British Columbia (2010) for FORREX and the BC Ministry of Forests and Range Research Branch. The award was presented to them by the Canadian Water Resources Association, BC Branch.

    At over 800 pages, the Compendium represents a significant contribution to knowledge in forest hydrology, geomorphology, and aquatic ecology research and practice in British Columbia. Valuable contributions were made by co-editors Kevin Bladon, Dan Moore, and Rita Winkler, as well as Chris Hollstedt, Julie Schooling, and Shelly Church.

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  • FORREX Welcomes Interim CEO


    After serving on the FORREX board of directors for the past two years, Saško Despotovski, has stepped in as the company's interim CEO. As someone who has already been through organizational transitions, Mr. Despotovski's experience and leadership will add energy and a new focus to support FORREX in its goal to be recognized as an international leader that supports sustainable natural resource management.

    Mr. Despotovski brings a decade of experience in the clean technology, healthcare, and resource sectors. He has held posts within several Investment Banking (IB) houses, has worked extensively on the operational side in upper management, and has held the position of director for a number of select companies. He has also published a series of peer-reviewed manuscripts in various medical and science journals. Mr. Despotovski is a University of the Fraser Valley and University of British Columbia (Jack Bell Research Centre) science graduate and was inducted, post-graduation, into the Golden Key Society of Canada as an honorary member. He is currently completing a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation, sits on the board of various non-profit organizations, and serves as an advisor to several private and public companies.

    FORREX wishes to thank Chris Hollstedt for her past contributions to the Company and is pleased to have a continuing relationship with such an instrumental individual during this growth phase.

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