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Science-Based Guidelines for Managing Northern Goshawk Breeding Areas in Coastal British Columbia

Erica McClaren, Todd Mahon, Frank I. Doyle, William L. Harrower


Northern Goshawks (Accipiter gentilis laingi) have been recognized as a species of management concern in western North America for over 20 years. One of the most significant factors threatening Northern Goshawk populations in coastal British Columbia is the loss and fragmentation of structurally old and mature forests they use for breeding, foraging, and roosting. The goal of this report is to provide science-based guidelines for qualified environmental professonals to assist in their decision-making processes concerning Northern Goshawk habitat management in coastal British Columbia. These guidelines were previously unavailable or inconsistent and did not provide a thorough review of the scientific literature. The best management practices presented here are intended for use by qualified environmental professonals and managers when undertaking industrial activities, primarily forestry, around Northern Goshawk breeding areas within coastal British Columbia.


Accipiter gentilis laingi; best management practices; breeding area;breeding habitat; coastal British Columbia; disturbance; foraging habitat; forest management; occupancy; management guidelines; nesting habitat; northern goshawk; post-fledging area;

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