Non-Timber Forest Products in British Columbia: Management Framework and Current Practices


  • Evelyn Hamilton Centre for Livelihoods and Ecology, Royal Roads University



Aboriginal rights, botanical forest products, British Columbia, Forest and Range Practices Act, FRPA, land-use planning, legislation, management practices, non-timber forest products, NTFPs, policy, regulation, tenure


This article outlines British Columbia's forest resource management system and legislative framework in relation to non-timber forest product (NTFP) management. It provides an overview of what NTFPs are and discusses the history related to their use as well as associated rights and regulations. It outlines the BC context in terms of land ownership, the resource management system, management objectives, socio-economic factors, and current trends. The article also describes decision-making as well as planning processes and legal requirements for forest managers, identifies the values forest managers must manage for, and assesses the implications for NTFPs. Finally, the article provides a summary of the current status of management for NTFPs. Opportunities to improve the socio-economic benefits associated with NTFPs are identified and recommendations for future actions are provided.






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