Ecosystem-Based Fishery Management: A Review of Concepts and Ecological Economic Models


  • Thanh Viet Nguyen



Ecosystem approach, fishery management, ecological economic models


People have tried to understand ecosystems using many different models. As a result, the concept of ecosystem-based fishery management is evolving and has no universal definition or consistent application. The objective of this paper is to provide a review of the concepts and ecological economic models related to ecosystem-based fishery management. The paper starts by reviewing basic concepts related to ecosystems and ecosystem-based fishery management. It then reviews economic models for ecosystem-based fishery management that are consistent with the reviewed concepts. The paper finishes off with some conclusions derived from previous literature reviews. We find that there is widespread agreement about the need to implement ecosystem-based fishery management even though this concept has no universal definition or consistent application. We also reveal that nutrient flow plays a crucial role in an ecosystem and that nutrients may be seen as the currency in ecological economic models for ecosystem-based fishery management.

Author Biography

Thanh Viet Nguyen

Department of Environmental and Business Economics, Southern Denmark University






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