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The Shelterwood Silvicultural System in British Columbia – A Practitioner’s Guide Part 3: Operational Implementation

Ken Day, Cathy Koot, Alan Wiensczyk


The shelterwood silvicultural system can be used to achieve diverse management objectives. Harvest entries made during shelterwood system implementation require careful attention. Each entry can be considered a silvicultural treatment designed to modify the forest environment to accomplish specific regeneration and stand-tending objectives. Protecting the soil, the overstorey, and the regeneration become principal considerations when harvesting. At the same time, harvesting must promote an environment that will favour germination and growth of a new stand according to forest management objectives. This is the last in a three-part series of extension notes addressing the shelterwood silvicultural system in British Columbia.






Harvesting; Managing risk; Overstorey selection; Regeneration protection; Shelterwood

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