A Summary of Extraction, Synthesis, Properties, and Potential Uses of Juglone: A Literature Review

Maryon Strugstad, Sasko Despotovski


This literature review summarizes the state of current information on the extraction, synthesis, properties, and potential uses of juglone, a natural product produced by the walnut tree (Juglandacea). Juglone (5-hydroxy-1,4-naphthoquinone) is known primarily for its allelopathic effect against certain plants and toxicity towards marine organisms. It has a wide variety of potential uses in medicine, and as a biocide for organic farming and pest control. This summary also provides historical uses of juglone and the walnut tree, a brief background on the biosynthesis and mode of toxicity of juglone. We further go on to recommend and outline the most common methodologies for extraction of the compound in the academic and small industrial setting.


juglone, walnut tree, juglans spp., natural product, biocide

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