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The Journal of Ecosystems and Management (JEM) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal covering natural resource and ecosystem management issues relevant to British Columbia. In addition to scientific articles, JEM provides a forum for commentary on current natural resource challenges. JEM’s broad readership includes natural resource practitioners, professionals, policymakers and researchers. The Journal extends research results, indigenous knowledge, management applications, socio-economic analyses and scholarly opinions. JEM is an open-source journal, freely available to the public at .

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Michael Murray, Ward Strong



New provincial park protects majestic Ancient Forest


Some years ago Trevor Goward, Dave Connell and Darwyn Coxson published an article in BCJEM, reviewing landscape level management of the upper Fraser River watershed and outlining scenarios for the creation of new protected areas for rare ancient cedar stands. The authors are pleased to report that today Premier Christy Clark announced the creation of the 11,190 ha Ancient Forest provincial park, essentially as proposed in the BCJEM article. The authors feel that the article in BCJEM was an important contributing factor in this decision, speaks highly of the impact of the journal and its readership.

To read the full article visit: .

To view the full BC Government story visit: .

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The Community Forestry Guidebook II: Effective Governance and Forest Management

In the face of many challenges related to a range of social, ecological, and economic factors, a growing number of British Columbia's forest-dependent communities see community forests as a way to stabilize their rural communities.  
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Fish-stream Crossing Guidebook

The revised 2012 edition of the Fish-stream Crossing Guidebook is now available at the Fish Passage Technical Working Group’s (FPTWG) website:  
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