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Haag, Devon
Haener, Michel K.
Haeussler, Sybille, University of Northern BC
Hagerman, Shannon
Haider, Wolfgang
Hall, L.R. Mark
Hall, Peter M.
Hamilton, Dennis (Milt), Nanuq Consulting
Hamilton, Evelyn, Centre for Livelihoods and Ecology, Royal Roads University
Harding, Lee E., Unaffiliated (retired from Environment Canada)
Harper, George
Harris, Brian
Harrison, Megan, Simon Fraser University
Harrison, Michelle
Harrower, William L., High-Country Consulting Ltd.
Harshaw, H. W.
Harshaw, Howard W.
Hartley, Ian D.
Hartley et al., Brenda
Haughian, Sean R., University of New Brunswick, St. John, New Brunswick E2L 4L5
Hausleitner, Doris, Seepanee Ecological Consulting and Selkirk College
Hawkes, Brad
Hawkins, Chris
Hawkins, Chris D.B., Mixedwood Ecology and Management Program 9 University of Northern British Columbia
Hawley, Alex W.H.

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