Moose (Alces alces) Wildlife Habitat Decision Aid


  • Wayne Wall RPBio
  • Myriam Belisle
  • Lindsay A. Luke



In British Columbia, specific amounts of habitats critical for the winter survival of moose are maintained under the Forest Planning and Practices Regulation (FPPR) and protected under the Government Actions Regulation (GAR). Key habitat elements such as mineral licks and significant wallows, can be protected as a practice requirement under the FPPR as Wildlife Habitat Features.  Other seasonal habitat elements, such as buffers on wetlands and riparian reserve areas receive limited protection under these statutes and are protected to varying degrees across the range of the species.  A number of land use plans have made recommendations for maintenance of moose habitat.  A complete list of these plans can be found at .


This Wildlife Habitat Decision Aid (WHDA) summarizes key seasonal habitat elements and provides information for land and resource managers to consider when addressing the seasonal habitat requirements for moose in managed forest areas.






Wildlife Habitat Decision Aid